About SpareRoom

In the past ten years more than 4.5 million people have come to SpareRoom to find the right place to live, with the right people.

High rents and house prices mean flatsharing plays a vital role in the UK housing market, especially in our major towns and cities. Westminster needs to understand this and include sharers in their plans when considering future housing policy.

We want sharing to get the support and respect it deserves.

That means we need to get involved in conversations about housing and do more to raise the profile of sharing as an affordable, positive option for millions of people in the UK.

SpareRoom’s recent work includes:

Raise the Roof

We’re calling on government to increase the Rent a Room Scheme tax threshold to help free up some of the 19 million empty bedrooms in England and help combat the housing crisis. The campaign has won support from Generation Rent, Shelter and an All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs from all three main political parties – now we need to convince Treasury.
Find out more on SpareRoom’s Raise the Roof campaign

SpareRoom’s Flatshare Census

There’s not enough official data on flatsharing, so SpareRoom surveyed 10,000 people living in shared accommodation to find out how they live. This will help us push for more support for everyone in the shared accommodation sector.
Read more about SpareRoom’s Flatshare Census

Homes for Good

SpareRoom committed to raising £75,000 in a year to help fund Shelter’s free advice line, offering crucial support and advice to anyone in housing need. The partnership has just ended – final numbers aren’t in yet but we’re happy to say we exceeded our total.
Read more about SpareRoom’s Homes for Good

Rent a room or find a flatmate

SpareRoom is the place to rent a room or find a flatmate. We recognise that sharing is as much about people as it is property so we give you the choice, tools and support to find the best of both.
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