Housing has become a key issue for the 2015 General Election.

A recent SpareRoom survey revealed 97% of renters think the government isn’t doing enough to make housing affordable. 93% said they’d be more likely to vote for a political party that prioritises housing.

So we thought we’d use the collective bargaining power of SpareRoom’s 4.5 million users to find out exactly what the five major UK parties plan to do for renters if elected.

We invited them to SpareRoom to answer questions on five key housing issues, chosen by renters.

The result is five short films, each on a different issue and including responses from all five parties:

  1. Letting agents’ fees
  2. Rent controls
  3. Getting on the housing ladder
  4. Standards in rented properties
  5. Affordable housing supply

There are also five interviews with the party candidates in conversation with SpareRoom director Matt Hutchinson, exploring the issues in more depth.

Each candidate was given the following bit of advice:

“Our users are interested in what you’ll do for renters if elected, not what the other parties are doing (or aren’t) or what your party has done in the past or inherited from a previous government”

We hope you enjoy the videos. You can join the debate by commenting on any of the content here or on Twitter, using the hashtag #HousingElection