Get involved

The aim of SpareRoom’s Housing Election is to highlight the issues renters face and get some answers from politicians so you know where each party stands.

If you’re interested in what Government is doing for renters and want to find out more, or get involved in the housing debate, here are a couple of suggestions.

Register to vote

It’s none of our business who you vote for – or even whether you vote – but the simple fact is, if you don’t register you won’t have the option.

The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is April 20th – you can register online and it’s a simple process.

Support SpareRoom’s Raise the Roof campaign

We’re calling on government to increase the Rent a Room Scheme tax threshold to help free up some of the 19 million empty bedrooms in England and help combat the housing crisis.

The campaign has won support from Generation Rent, Shelter and an All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs from all three main political parties – now we need to convince Treasury. Find out more and sign the petition.