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Andrew Charalambous is UKIPs spokesman on housing as well as an ethical landlord with a difference. Andrew has a passion for fighting homelessness and, as a rule, he doesn’t charge his tenants deposits, ask for references or expect admin fees. He was awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 by the Global Business Excellence Awards for his unique system of letting.

I started in business with only a few pounds in my pocket. I know what it means to struggle in life, but also what it means to succeed. I have never forgotten my humble roots and have always tried to give back to my community. I see politics as a way to serve others and make lives better.

Ending homelessness is my very first priority. To do this we must produce more affordable housing to buy and rent. I disagree with the political establishment view that insists we must do this by concreting the beautiful British countryside. Instead we must make brownfield development more attractive than ever before.

Having worked with tenants in housing for 24 years, I think the bedroom tax is one of the most unfair policies I have seen. UKIP was the first party to openly oppose it.

I want tenants to have the choice of longer, more secure tenancies and I would also work towards a fairer council tax system for those sharing flats and houses.

Watch Andrew’s #HousingElection interview to find out what he has to say about UKIP’s housing policy.

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  1. Emma Appleton // 28th February 2015 at 19:50 // Reply

    I’m thrilled only UKIP have promised to not develop towns without
    5% of the electorate in agreement. We have enough do we get councils to use this?

  2. Question …1…we have alot of rogue landlords how can we protect the tenants on unfair increase in rent and not maintaining the flat or house…question…2…what is ukips policy to encourage local authority councils across the countryon building more council housing….question…3…is it ukips policy or are they going to make a policy like the green party to abolish the right to buy..scrap it scotland and save our housing stock….question …4…thank for joining ukip…the council flats around here now have to pay a depooling charge and its not value for money they pay that should also be scrspped but I do agree there should be housing officers to mointer the flats and houses that the tenants fail to maintain….thank you…

  3. Jacqui JACKSON // 2nd March 2015 at 23:34 // Reply

    my son is 31 and for 8 months of the year is employed as a commercial diver working all over the world, but work is extremely patchy in winter months, he cannot get private rented accommodation because his wages are not constant, although he has put money away for the winter months, he presently lives with us and got married last month, the council refuses to even put them on the housing list as he’s only here for 4 months a year, my question is why di my husbands polish carer get a 2 bed flat this week after only being in the UK 7 months and has not actually brought her 15 yr old son over from Poland which is why she was housed?

  4. I never dreamed that UKIP would be the only party truly interested in the homeless and the totally barbaric bedroom tax. I wanted to vote labour as they opposed the BT but haven’t seemed to mention it in their manifesto. I’m very tempted to vote UKIP because of this.

  5. I think a spare room election is a fabulous idea a revolution is needed in this country in order to force the politicians business folk and the super rich to wake up and hear the voices of the real people and take note.

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